Love letters from my Mother 2

Love letters from my Mother

I was raised in Kosovo with my extended family and parents were not given the opportunity of a formal education. As a child, I had always wished for my mother to have the time and opportunity to read a story, or some poetry before bedtime.
In my Perfect world, in front of the fireplace.


The Post-it Notes from Missouri

It was a spontaneous observation while working as a housekeeper in a hotel in Branson, Missouri during the summer of 2018. During my time there, the way of communicating with my supervisor seemed pretty interesting to me.


Live Talk — Freddie Leiba x Klara Alba Gordon

Join us for a super exciting Instagram Live with creative director and fashion editor Freddie Leiba New York), in conversation with Klara Alba Gordon, photographer and creative joining live from Glasgow, Scotland.

Driton Selmani Flag Of Tomorrow

Driton Selmani — Flag Of Tomorrow

The kinetic installation of Driton Selmani functions as a totem that performs a dance around its axis with the help of the wind blowing from the Adriatic Sea.


To Arbëreshë in the Coming Times

Join Albanian Institute as we convene the foremost scholars of Arbëreshë and Albanalogy from every field to present from language, literature, and music to culture, history, and heritage and encourage towards a better understanding and appreciation of our values and time-honored traditions.

david terry

Digital Studio Visit — David C. Terry and Dino Korca

Join us for a timely Instagram Live Talk with the artist and curator David C. Terry and director Dino Korca. They’ll discuss the artist’s approach to creating , the conversation will examine social issues, and how artists have adapted to making art in the time of COVID-19.⁠